How was your 2017 Season

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How was your 2017 Season Overall   18 members have voted

  1. 1. How was your 2017 Season Overall in RI (Canal fish dont count)

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 Worst season ever for me. Agree with what I'm reading here. Not many small on Block, not many medium or large for that matter. Seems like a switch was flipped compared to last year. I released two fish over 50 last year and had a good season. This year has my log book devoid of any fish worth noting. The more skunks I caught the harder it was to get up to fish the tides. I also am not getting any younger. Fewer walks down to the SE light this year than ever. Had a few large schools in the yak but they had lock jaw and refused my expensive eels. I released more eels this year than anytime in my life. Last year if I didn't have two dozen eels I was screwed. This year 6 was enough, many times I released 5. I only caught 2 bluefish, who drags eels in August without a bluefish attack. My most productive plug was the sp minnow again this year. I did manage to catch Sea Bass on plugs this year. Maybe they are the bass of the future. Many years ago you could catch Giant Tuna 6 miles off Block. Then it moved to the Cape ,then Maine. Soon you will be fishing for stripes in Canada. 

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Fished RI early in the season, caught nothing over 24".  Absolutely had a blast learning new areas though and how/when to fish them.    Did manage to come down and get into sea robin and bluefish city a few times as well!

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Didn't get out much at all because of reasons.  Got out some in the boat with the kids, but really no night fishing this year at all for me.  My kayak is still in the rack from last winter.  Didn't land a RI bass until late August (the first was actually on an NC vacation) but that didn't really have much to do with the quality of the fishing, but more that I just wasn't doing it.  We had a couple of half-decent fluke trips in the bay, but every trip to the oceanfront we were walking on sea-robins.  I spent more time fishing from the daytime sand this fall than I have in 10 years, because that was time with the boy and it was the only weekday time I could go.


So I can't speak so much about the poor quality of the fishing because other things took priority this year.  I have barely even been lurking here.


My son, however, had a banner year.  Not much for bass, but for everything else.  

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This season was not a record breaker,,, went fishing 5 time in the salt .One with da " fluke till ya puke clan". Lotta puking going on in the "Top draw Fishing" That day. Hopefully we will get an old subscriber in here to explain. As for the rest of the season,new house, and arthritis in the hands .Sucks

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