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Bought one of these reels and have found it satisfactory.  I can now can cast the line down to the point where the line is hitting the spool lip causing me to loose distance. Before I invest in a larger spool which will cost me abt $17.00 is it worth my while? The reel costing only abt $37.00. Do they hold up for the long run is there any major mechanical or functional problems I should be aware of? I live in Hatteras and am getting use to longer length spinners combos.Ive  used conventional before.  Need a new challenge. Thanks

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Are you thinking  to use the 5000A spool on the 4500 reel you have?

I all likelihood, its only the spool arbor that is smaller to bump up capacity.

Check first.

If the spool lip OD is the same, it will make no difference just to have more line.

Try thinner braid on the spool you have

Say #20lb, spool will emptier slower.

How far are you currently casting?

With what rod and what sinker weight?

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That's a good point never thought of it from that angle.I'll try to use smaller braid. Using Tommy farmer 4-8  it's at 12 foot. Can't say for sure abt distance but I know it's between 125 to 150 yards. 6 oz .I'm sure most would call that acceptable but l would like to see what this rod and reel will do. Thanks

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