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I would frequent my local shop which has a great reputation for most of my surf needs. When my son was about 15 he toook a penn 711z reel in there to have the bail spring repaired and have new line put on it 12lb Ande clear.

He called to see how much he owed before going over to pick it up and thhe guy on thhe phone told him it was like 54 dollars. He called me at work because it was way more than whhat they told him when he dropped it off and he even questioned the guy on the phone to make sure it was correct. I told him to wait and I will go in and get it. 

When I went in the guy gave me the same nonsense and when I questioned thhe price of spooling the line which was like 24 dollars for 12lb mono on a small penn he looked and said oh they got that wrong and he charged half.

I still go in there from time to time but I still think they tried to screw my kid so i don not have any loyalty at all to the place like i used to.


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Most all of the small sporting goods stores in this area are long gone too, even some bigger ones that were semi-useful like The Sport's Authority are gone here in VA, Dick's SG is it.  The multi-facet part is hard to find, DSG only deals in long guns for example, unlike back in the day when SA had pistols too.  Speaking to the firearm aspect alone and having worked PT in a gun shop the past year or two, that market is very difficult in competing with online competition, and shops have what sells, and typically limited selections at that, Glocks, Sigs, few H&Ks and Springfields, thats it.  Accessories like holsters and such are rarely in house at all, too much space for the overhead and online they're had cheaper.  There's a shop local here that's ONLY accessories and zero firearms at all, we usually sent customers there for a holster!

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