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Any of you guys have any general tips for fishing live eels... what size hook, rigging, where to fish them, handling, etc...



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I carry them in a small soft cooler bag with an ice pack on them which helps to calm them down and keeps them alive for a good amount of time. Wrap the ice pack in wet newspaper and line the bottom also. The bag can also hold extra leaders. If you will be wading deep then a mesh bag is best bet. I use a 50# mono leader with a 130# Spro power swivel on one end and a 7/0 octopus hook on the other. If you use a circle hook recommend using an Eagle Claw non-offset L2004ELFS hook 6/0. Hook the eel under the chin and out one of the eyes. Normally fish them by reeling them in slow keeping touch with them. If yo google John Skinner eel fishing video he covers it pretty well. Have an old cooler that painted inside black that I keep them in with a small aerator. Keep three dozen in it just need to change the water every few days. 


One thing to remember is dead eels often fish just as good as live ones hooked the same way you just need to part more action on them.   

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