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Thermos for the long winter

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On 11/20/2017 at 2:36 PM, mickrazz said:

Do put milk/cream in it?  After a few hours the dairy will start to turn sour hence the had taste. Try it black and bring some milk on the side. 

Is this true?


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I'm shocked that they haven't been mentioned yet, but anything that Hydro Flask sells is pretty awesome. I've had a coffee thermos of theirs for four years, it's been put through hell, and it's completely fine. I also use a larger waterbottle of theirs for day to day use and it's great as well. Don't need to dirty any glasses at my house, never have to waste cash on a crappy piece of plastic (sure, thirty or forty bucks seems expensive for a water bottle, but I guarantee you spend more than that during one season of fishing just by buying plastic bottles, much less the years that a good stainless bottle will last you) and there's nothing more refreshing than ice cold water when you're chasing fish all day. 


Klean Kanteen also makes solid products, they'll also keep things hotter slightly better than Hydro Flasks and are a 1% For The Planet member, so they're also worth mentioning. 

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