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So I bought my buddy passes for a charter boat in Moco and we had 2 left and been itching to get out.  As it would be, this weekend was the last "night bluefishing" trip they were going out this year so we decided to disregard the cold and head on up.  As we get there it was about 32-34 degrees which, I admit, is the coldest I've ever fished.  As we're heading out to the spot a gentleman who was wearing Vietnam Vet hat and pullover that said  "Vet" was getting chatty so we sparked up some conversation around the usual... who's been catching what, water temp, sports, etc.... but as we near the spot he asks where my cooler was to keep the fish.  I'm ok releasing whatever I catch, no big deal so I told him that we came unprepared.  He reaches in his bag and pulls out a netted bag and offered for us to use it if we'd like which was nice of him.  In this exchange he noticed that I wasn't really worrying too much about keeping the fish so he immediately asked if he could take our keepers and he'd pay.  I told him that we could work something out for sure, I wasn't aware people were willing to pay for bluefish but I'd have no problem making some gas money since it's a 2 hr drive.  


While we're fishing, he continued to come over and see how we were making out... he hadn't caught much and seemed a little disappointed and he was in the back area where it seemed everybody was catching which was surprising.  Either way, I mentioned that we had a few and he immediately went back to asking if we would talk to him before anybody else regarding keeping the fish.  Whatever, didn't pay any attention because I didn't plan on talking to anyone else any way. I caught about 10 fish total, mixed in some sea bass and dogfish but only 2 blues which were 16 and 20 lb'ers so they were good size and put up great fights.  At the end of the trip he comes right to me asking if we're good and I told him of course we're good.  He looked at the 2 and asks how much I wanted for them.... but knowing he was a Vietnam vet I thanked him for his service and told him to take the fish.  As we're heading back to the dock he thanks me again and told me that he's actually taking the fish to a soup kitchen in Philly, where he helps out.  I wasn't aware of places like that using blues for anything, but I took him for his word and thought that it was awesome he's helping out there.  Then we started talking sports since I had my Eagles hat on and he mentions going to games all over the place for games... turns out his son is in the NFL and he actually showed me a SB ring his son won with Seattle... it was very blingy! 


So the point of this was really to say a big THANK YOU to all the vets for your service and I always find it amazing what type of people I meet while fishing... but I'm happy for that.  Sorry this isn't "striper" related but I will say that I had wished I brought a rod because there was a ton of bait, dolphins, birds where we working the whole time last night... probably could've added some striper to the list had I the proper bait/lures. I haven't caught anything this fall because I've been way too busy with new job/traveling/gf so it felt great to be out on the water catching some fish.

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1 min ago, Pma531 said:

Oh ok. You must of been on the boat with everyone hiding in the cabin. Lol it was freakin cold

Indeed!  Thankfully the railings were heated and the fish kept us busy enough.  How'd you make out?

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