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Need more info, are you looking for just a rod or a complete outfit. The encounter only is offered in an outfit and the rod does not come with e same warranty as their other rods. The reel on the encounter would last a year or two in the salt with some good maintenance. I am not sure about how good the floating line would be.


The outfit runs about $170. If your looking for just a rod I would opt for the TFO Pro II fly rod in a 4 piece  9 ft 8wt for the same price with a much better guarantee. 


That is just one suggestion, there are more options out there with a little web searching and with a little bit more specific information you will get much better feedback.


Don't overlook Cabelas they have some good started outfits as well.

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Orvis Clearwater is good line of rods to buy because they are light, have medium action and good warranty. Orvis rods do not need to be overlined either.


Nowadays there are no bad rods what comes to casting. I have bought four $30...$70 "no name" asian made rods (alibaba/ebay) which all cast just fine. Line weight ratings are not necessarily accurate but that is too common in brand rods too. Three of them are fine but one rod has a tip section which does not stay tight and needs to be taped. They have low quality components and usually too much epoxy over wrappings but few minutes of sharp knive and needle file work and there is no obvious danger to destroy the line. Even good brand rods occacionally have bad epoxy work and it is always good to check them before epoxy breaks and there comes a sharp edge.


When I test rods I overline them seriously to reveal if they have strength issues and then I know I can trust they do not break too easy when I have walked long distance from car or camp.



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