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Large Contractor Double Spot Light - not working

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OK, I know this is a long shot but figured I'll ask.  I bought a very large heavy duty spot light at a yard sale last spring much more heavy duty than the picture but used this off the internet. The guy says it worked the last time he used it and course I never tried it.   I tried it, doesn't work. Put two new bulbs in, doesn't work.  Everything about it looks fine and wiring looks fine, buttons work and very heavy duty.  The chord runs through a double outlet box attached to the light, not sure if that could be an issue some how.


Any tips on what to test or did I get fleeced for $20?


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7 mins ago, richie c said:

Silly ques. but did you go over the cord and check for clean slices in it?

 Yes, I did check all wiring but even sillier solution. I was going to delete but I'll leave this here for anyone's future reference.  There was a reset button on the outlet box connected to the light.  While I never plugged anything into it, it controlled the flow of power to the lights. They work now.  Got me out of painting last night ;) 

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If that is an "old school" work light, they use halogen or metal halide bulbs. Those things get ridiculously hot. Good reason to have a high limit or resetable breaker.  


I've contemplated upgrading to LED just for the reduction in heat and energy usage. 

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