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Al Sears

USS Fitzgerald Findings

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The Navy released some findings of what was going on before collison.

There was a definite break down of communications, CIC  Combat Info Center let them self become over whelmed or as we say "" lost the picture"". even with the NTDS system, Navy Tactica Data system, to me working in CIC for many years i see it as  the  CIC Watch officer and  Enlisted Watch Sup let one man on console become saturated and he /she lost it, rather than  split the Compass up Joe you take 000-090 ,patty you take 090 to180 and other couple people take remaining  sectors  180-270   270-000 now dont worry about any thing out side your area. Contacts aft of beam just watch closely report every 3 minutes , Was the Chief  in CIC, through out the Night to keep flow of contact information to the bridge and ensure the Phone talker on Bridge passed info to the OOD and words passed were correct,again if it  required  getting most qualified people on station for few extra hours so, be it sleep in later


   Damm, the  ship has 200-300 people asleep who had put their life in shipmates hands and had faith and trust in them, how ever their shipmates failed them , inexperience, operators,  supervisors lack of action to over come saturation,  CIC is also known as Christ I'M Confused  It  takes but a few minutes to shuffle people around and regain the picture, outside looking in I see piss poor leadership ,lack of assigning qualified people for a task that is known ahead of time  that  is going to be hectic,stressful keeping track of Surface shipping in high volume channel Of  course this observation is from outside looking in and findings of reveiw board,which painted a negative picture .  Al

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