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Below is link to thread in which I provided the information you request above.  See my post near the bottom of the first page and subsequent posts in response that flow into the 2nd page.




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Thanks FlatWing,


It looks very good from Google Earth.  Not sure as to the availability of the field or services. I did notice a small group of stores(?) at one end. I will forward the location to an acquaintance who lives in that area. I'm informed the old area that was previously used, now sports a tall stand of corn.  I live a little to fat away to check on the field myself.

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That Centennial Blvd field looks good but in Google street view there is an environmental investigation sign posted; access might be restricted.


The street view has a date of August 2013 so its status may have changed since then.  If the sign is still there the entity responsible for the tract will be listed with contact info.



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4 hours ago, Jcallaham said:

something a little different, diawa Lexa 300.12lb mono 30lb braid shock leader, mag set on2,century 1505 3oz bank. 475 '( I was 70years old)

Good form.

There's a thread on the main forum about along the lines of "My 1st Conventional"

Beastly Backlash suggested a Lexa.

For good reason, he has tried and fished many, I would take his suggestions seriously.

One of the larger LP's would actually be a very good choice.

I enjoy my Tranx 400.

Does it cast as far as my non LW reels? No. Its it nice to fish with? Yip.

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