Changing trebles out to single hooks

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8 mins ago, KenY said:

I usually go one or two sizes up from what I am taking off.


and you can usually eyeball a good fit - need another ring, etc... 


shake the lure - see if your new singles hang/move right - don’t get hung up/pinned etc.

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You'll mainly want 2/0 and 3/0 inline hooks.

The VMC 7266BN ILS Inline Single 4X Black Nickel hooks seem to be fairly popular. (These are the 4X strong hooks - don't get the VMC 7237 model which are only 1X.)

Most places only sell the small packs - you get about 6 hooks for $5. 

But there is an online site that sells 25 packs for $7. Unfortunately, I can't name the site because of Stripers Online posting rules, but if you just Google "VMC 7266BN ILS Inline Single 4X Black Nickel hooks" you can find them. 

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I use a pdf file from Jann's Netcraft that when printed lets you size your hook by aligning with the images on the page. Then I use a chart from Owner published in The Fisherman I found by "googling" Replacement Hook Size Chart. It's been working out. 

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make sure you are not altering plugs actions, On a redfin it might not matter changing a teble for a siwash , but I once changed the rear treble on Super Strike darter and I didn't like the way it swam.

Another thing you might want to try is to weigh your hooks.

A 3/0 owner treble can weigh .25 OZ when 3x VMC  might weigh .16 oz

Hope that helps


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Several issues I have encountered first season with single hooks.:

1) swim action on plugs will change for sure.

2) It is easy to see if front hook will catch rear hook. The problem is that the front hook catches the plug instead of dangling below it.

    Not sure how to avoid this? If it becomes a problem I remove the front hook.

3) While fishing with just the rear hook I tend to have more fish swallow the lure on a troll. This makes for a tough removal from and angry

     blue fish.

Originally I switched to the single hooks to be safer when kayak fishing so I don't end up hooking myself while unhooking a fish.  I used to just

remove the front treble when blue fish were around.  That seemed to work better for me.

4) single hooks are very expensive.

5) Not sure what role the split ring plays in this process. I was replacing the split rings too.  I was under the impression that the SP split rings

were not that good?

6) you will miss many strikes while trolling with single hooks.  I thought I missed less strikes trolling with a single treble hook.

7) I am a paddle kayaker so I don't hold the rod in my hand while trolling. I rely on the rod holder to set the hook before I remove the rod

and start reeeling.

8) They did not work well for Albies. Maybe their eye sight is too too good. Maybe my single hook was took big. I think next year I will

try  10lb mono and treble hooks for albies?


Good luck with your decision. Let me know if you figure out how to stop the front hook from catching  the plug.   Thanks.

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This fall  was our best albie season from shore fishing ever. However, I opted to switch out Hogy/Deadly Dick trebles to online VMC single hooks. Chose 1/0 or 2/0 hooks. Most of the season went well but I noticed, in the past two weeks, we got a lot of "attacks" behind the lure, lots of swishing but no hookups while fishing for the albies. 


Interested in the views of SOL'ers as to whether the single online hooks led to not hooking up or what?


Being mostly a flyfisher, using very small fly hooks for albies in the past, I have never had a problem hooking and keeping hooked an albie on a fly hook size #1 or #2, mostly, #2. These hooks are a lot smaller than the VMC 1/0 or 2/0 single online hooks I replaced my spin lures with. A friend, flyfishing emeritus, told me to just use a bigger single hook. Do you agree? Comments appreciated. Would a bigger VMC online hook solve the problem of fish thrashing at the lure but not taking? Thx.

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