IRMA Washes Up Unusual Sea Bottom Stuff

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I would prefer to have not had the opportunity to snap the images below if we all could have avoided the devastation of Irma. However, she churned it up good off of Palm Beach which has washed up all manner of stuff we don't normally see above the surf line. Sunday was a fishing washout but I snapped these and more images. Note all the kelp-like vegetation that is washed up, this is never seen in such quantity by us. 


All shots with an iPhone 6S from about 8-12". It was all I had with me so quality is what it is. I took the two red pieces home and put them on the balcony. Within hours they started to dry out and lost the majority of their color, now having the color of dried blood. 


BTW, the majority of those white things sitting on top of the weed line are turtle egg shells. Impossible to know if they hatched out or were dislodged/uncovered by the waves and preyed upon. 



















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1 minute ago, PhillyHillBilly said:

cool stuff.  Turtle egg?

Our area of the coast is a major nesting ground for loggerhead and greenback turtles (no sure if others too) and they lay their eggs up and down our beaches. Volunteers, during nesting season, will go out at dawn and mark new nests with stakes and an info placard about date laid and breed (if witnessed overnight). That is usually through June or July. Then in August through October, the baby turtles will hatch and try to march out to sea. Happens every year like clockwork. 


This year, with Irma, came quite a bit of beach erosion which disturbed some of the still un-hatched nests closest to the surf. Eggs were exposed or even washed out which will kill the under developed embryos inside and make them available to predators. The gulls and terns do the most damage piercing the shells and eating the contents. 


Many do-gooders tried to salvage eggs and bring them to the turtle recovery place up in Juno. While well-meaning, they did not appreciate that the turtles won't survive if they are disturbed.


The cycle of life....

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