it's hard being civilized

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minding my own business, drinking a beer and eating chicken tenders and fries,


some dooooosh 3 stools down starts telling me how good he shoots, i say that's great, 


then em he tells me he can put six shots through the same hole at i don't remember how many yards, i say that's bullspit,



he tellsme how good he is with throwing knives, so i say do you have them on you?

he says know their in my truck. 


then your point is mute, 

why? he says

because i could kill you before you got off your stool and went and got your magic knives! (i was getting irritated)

oh yea how?


i drank my beer ripped the can in half and told him i could cut his throat and  finish my blood soaked fries before the cops showed up!


luckily he ****! LOL



god i hate stupid people...

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16 minutes ago, PlumFishing said:

He originally probably thought he could take you because you ordered tenders and not bone-in. 

valid point,

but i like chicken tenders :shrug: 

its not like i was eating a dago sammich with little t. rex arms while i mumbled with some funny accent!

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