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Howdy everyone!  Dumb-dumb here managed to break not one, but two of my good rods before I even got to get my surf-fishing fix for the year this past weekend.  I pulled out the rods only to find that I had a broken guide on each rod.


Rod #1 - St. Croix Triumph TSRS100M2

Rod #2 - Tsunami bait-casting surf rod (forget the model/number)


The local B&T shop helped out with the Tsunami for a short-term ugly, but functional fix which got me back in the game.


How do I go about fixing this without making it look like billy-bob (aka me) did it?  Is there someone local to Pottstown/KOP that you recommend?  Or do I suck it up and spend $65 to send #1 back to St. Croix and then I don't know for #2.  Seems silly to spend 1/2 the cost of the rod to fix a busted guide...


All opinions are appreciated.



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Any local rod builder or shops that does rod building could do a proper replacement on the guides for you. Cost is probably cheaper than sending both rods back for replacement.

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