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Home Fries - Russet or "New" (Red, Yukon, Fingerling) Potatoes?

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4 hours ago, Steve in Mass said:

They are getting pan fried in DUCK FAT! :)


Nice. Never thought of doing duck fat. I've pan fried in bacon grease before, that was pretty awesome.

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You definitely have to par cook, but only for a short time, maybe 2 minutes after water boils. Add a bit of vinegar to the water to lower the pH which helps keep the cubed potatoes together. 


 I did them with onions and peppers, some garlic, and a hint of fresh Serrano. Fresh Thyme. Fry the potatoes separate from all that and then combine at the end. All was fried in duck fat.


Was missing something. While I love using the duck fat (I get nervous when my stock in the freezer gets down to about a cup, and think "I gotta make another duck" ;) ), I think they would have been better in the rendered pork fat I also have in the freezer. I think flavor component is what was missing.



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