Naples report Oct. 8th. 2017

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With the mess of yesterday in my mind I decided to check the webcam of the pier after breakfast before heading out.
I spotted a surfer on the cam which is really bad when you want to fish the beach.
I went out anyway to check at the incoming tide and when I walked on the beach the roar of the surf meant only one thing ... it was a mess.
Still I wanted to catch at least a fish so I headed out to the breakwaters at the end and wisely stayed at the side that still had some sort of beach to boast.
I saw some people wading to get to the point, not wise with large waves coming at the incoming tide ... they will not get back without injury or swimming.
As the waves where still breaking at the breakwater I waded out in the murky brown water and noticed some baitfish moving about.
This indicated that there might be predators around and soon I was into a couple of ladyfish and a little jack.
The tide was coming in fast and I got swamped by the waves.
It was time to head out and on my way to the hotel I checked out the stinky bay to see if anything was moving there.
One little snook fell for the pattegrisen shrimp, the small snappers just followed the fly.
Guess it will take a few days before the seas have calmed again.









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I can understand why ...


My perfect beach condition is a calm morning with a clear sky and no waves.
It seems all I have seen till now was cloudy skies, lots of wind and a surf early
morning ... I always begin to sound like a farmer now :-)

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