Misc Sanibel Pics Post Irma 10-08-2017

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These are just a few pictures I took today around the Island, Early this morning I decided not to fish since I could hear the surf crashing the beach and I am a 1/4 mile from it. A little later in the morning I got a text from a friend telling me that the Blind Pass parking lot was close because it was flooded. That news did not surprise me. 


After the Red Sox went down 3 to 0 I decided to take a ride through Ding Darling just for something to do, It was 90 degrees, humid and very windy. I suspect the wind may be some some of the residual of Nate and that combined with the full mood caused all the flooding.


These are two shots of the overgrown Mangroves along some of my favorite Tarpon holes that are now unfishable. This just two of many.  All this new growth used to  be trimmed right down to ground level all the time.






I finished my trip through the park and too a ride around just a bit. These are a couple of shots that are typical of what is now all along all the roads on the Island. There are are many piles that are much bigger.






I parked my car at one of my favorite beach access points to just take look at the water now that it was close to low tide and the wave action has settled down somewhat but the water is still being held in because of the heavy wind and it was still running up onto the beach to the point the high tide would normally go. I think we may have another day or two of this and then hopefully things will settle down.







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Conspiracy theory here. Do u see any possibility that after it is proven

visitor  numbers to D.D. are so low,refuge gets closed, then out to bid

to developers. No real reason to go thru Ding if its all grown in. Even

the birders wont have views.

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I don't think we have to worry about that. I think it has all gone down hill because of one guy running the show who refuses to listen and will do it his way no matter what ( :naughty: ). All it will take is a new guy in charge to get things back on the right track.

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Hope that water calms down a bit - I'll be there on Thursday with my wife celebrating our 25th and there will be a few fly rods and some Schminnows in my bags ......

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