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THe NERBs SI Gathering recap

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The NERBs SI Gathering yesterday was another awesome event. 20 builders attended, from as far as 3 hours away (Cape May & Old Lyme CT) and were treated to some high level rodbuilding info, and some really good food: pulled pork, baked chicken thighs, zucchini rollatini, checken pesto, sausage and peppers, and a couple of homemade crumb cakes and a cherry cheesecake.
The rods that were on display were exceptional. And hte best part, they were done by builders who had less than 3 years experience. Mark B flat out makes some of the nicest, leanest, attention to detail rods in the world. BillT is just learned teh art, and his 3rd and 4th wraps were flat out amazing!! Gary brought a couple of rods which were stunning, gorgeous wraps and wood inlay'd grips - It's great to see what these guys are able to do after they are exposed to The NERBs and the info we share a t gatherings.
The topis were great, it was about 15 hours worth of rodbuilding jam packed in one day. SO many people there helped out and answerred questiosn and did hands on demos, seeing the art and the craft passed on is a beautiful thing!
NExt up, The ROdgeeks Takeover in Albany, NY in 2 weeks. I wil be doing anothe rgathering at my shop on November 4th, I will have events posted for both of these soon












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They are so much fun, the food is so good, the people are awesome. And the main reason to have the gatherings, you will not find anyone else sharing the info and the level of info that I share. SO many little things nobody thinks about, I point out, explain why certains happen, and how to go about doing them a better way on your next rod. Of couse the butthole know it alls will point ou thow arrogant I am and what a dick I am - but none of them are capable of doing wha tI do, they have no clue what I'm even talking about - but ask teh guys who actually show up, and they'' attest the info they walk out of my shop with makes them better builders and cuts years off their learning curve to build high level rod. And that has nothing to do with art, just function

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