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Trying to clean out some stuff, I would prefer if they are taken in lots but iv split them up below just in case- 

SP Minnows used with some hook rash- 5$ each

SS Darters have been carried but not used- 22$ each 

Big Fish jointed Rainbow used but only a couple small pointers- 22$

Big Fish prey used but only a little oxidation- 22$

RM small danny herring used but no marks- 20$

Unknown popper used but no marks- 14$

Epoxy minnow- Free with to the first person to purchase more than 1 plug

RM Giant green/gold scale- 22$

RM trout New- 50$ for the gold and 35$ for the tiger 







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1 hour ago, Bradmckeon said:

What is the weight of the olive over gold with scales??

I think it may be around 1.5 oz but I am not positive as I do not have a scale 

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