Naples report Oct. 7th.

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Well that 14 mph wind sure did not kick up those 9 ft waves in front of the inlet.
Guess the effects of TS Nate reach far.
To put it shot fishing totally sucked ... turbid water ... mega waves extending all the way into the inlet.
I did not want to leave fish-less so I waited for the outgoing hoping the best.
I took a nap on a piece of concrete from the battered seawall and watched the frigate birds soaring overhead.
The huge waves from the outside transformed well into the pass to the enjoyment of the local dolphin population,
they went surfing.
At the start of the outgoing I got 2 ladyfish and felt the tug of a snook that I had seen along the rocks.
The swell was reaching all the way inside though so fishing was nearly impossible besides that darn wind
coming from the back making my life difficult
Since conditions did not improve as I had hoped I did not want to wait to the end of the low tide at sunset.
Alas my way back was cut-off as huge waves battered the seawalls of the big houses on the beach.
Hurricane Irma had flushed part of the beach away and with turbid water, rocks everywhere and
huge waves it would have been suicide to try to scale that part of the shore.
At dead low tide it was barely passable dodging while dodging the big waves.
When I was finally on the beach again I was amazed at the amount of sand being flushed onto the beach
... stairs to the beach had disappeared half into the sand.









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