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Lami 1084.....what reel ?

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3 hours ago, Mr. Bigdeal said:

Lami 1084.......what reel would you suggest for this rod.

Would a Gosa 6000 work ?

I would go a gosa 5000 that's what I have on my 10 foot avid and I love it 

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I have the new Surf Pro version of the 1084 with the K guides and shorter handle/butt than the older Ron Arra model. 


It's a nice rod that can handle either size reel,  so would depend on the type of fishing you are doing and the size of the fish you are chasing.


That rod  is very light and weighs 12 oz and has a very short handle.   At least 1 to 1 1/2 inches shorter than than the Ron Arra model.  Great rod as can thrown 3/4 oz bucktails to 2 oz wood and metal.   Shortcoming would be not being able to throw metal to reach those birds just out of reach.  


If you are trying to keep the outfit lightweight with a couple of  hundred yards of braid, then a 4000 series reel would be fine.    Weight range would vary from 9.0-10.0  oz for a Shimano Stradic/Stella/Twinpower.  Balance point is slightly fore of the upper grip.  Because the combined outfit is so lightweight, I really don't notice any perceived tip heaviness fishing the rod all day several weekends in a row.


If you need the line capacity then jump up to the 6K Gosa or Stella SW.   Both are around 16 oz.  It is noticeably heavier in hand.


The Cabo 40/50 lies somewhere between those two in terms of line capacity and weight at 13 oz.  Would work just fine as well.





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Ok.....thanks....have 3 of them and thought maybe this is the year I would break one out.....haven't fished'em in years.....been fishin' a Airwave for fluke and small sea creatures and a Rainshadow RX7 for heavier amphibians and alike.

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8 hours ago, Mr. Bigdeal said:

....a 4000 series on that 9'-er......not to light ?

Just an FYI, the Daiwa BG 4000 is almost identical in size to the Saragosa SW 6000. I have both the BG 4000 and the Spheros 6000 (pretty much the same as the Saragosa), and they are so close in size on the rod it's almost indiscernible. 

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