ANTIFA: Columbus Was a White Supremicist

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I appreciate that native Americans have their issues with Columbus but was he a white supremacist? Did he knowing bring disease to the lands he touched? Did he knowingly bring contact that he knew would leave to the British establishing a slave trade centuries later? Are Italian Americans going to stand for their in "their" day? 


Antifa Group Plans Nationwide 'Deface Columbus Day' Actions for Monday



R.A.M. anarchist Against Columbus Day via YouTube.


Violent left-wing anarchists have announced a nationwide campaign to deface Christopher Columbus statues this coming Monday.


Five Christopher Columbus statues have already been vandalized in New York City in recent weeks, according to Far Left Watch. In one case last month, vandals defaced a "larger-than-life" statue of Columbus in Central Park, leaving blood-red paint on his hands, and scrawled, "Hate will not be tolerated" and “#SomethingsComing” on its pedestal.


What is coming appears to be a coordinated campaign to destroy monuments all across the country on Columbus Day.


The NYC-based antifa group Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM) made the announcement on Thursday, September 21, calling on antifa groups nationwide to “decorate” their neighborhoods.


According to Far Left Watch, RAM is "an extremely militant group that advocates for the violent redistribution of property" and for "the abolition of gender."


The militant group recently hosted an "Our Enemies in Blue" anti-police workshop at its branch in Brooklyn, NY.

RAM posted a video called "Against Columbus Day" on the antifa website It’s Going Down, showcasing destroyed monuments across the country and black-clad thugs strutting around menacingly to psycho synth music.


"The battles lines have been drawn and white supremacists are on notice," the anarchists wrote in a statement on the website. "White nationalist statues are crumbling all over the US as our collective revolutionary power is growing."





I couldnt embed the the video link but you can't find that video and more at that twitter account. And yes, someone obviously does not know how to spell "destroy". 

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Looks like Monday is going to be a 'fun' day.

Too bad I have to work, and can't take part in the day's festivities.

Each time ANTIFA acts up, I consider it a camapign commercial for the Democrats, as in this is what we, as Democrats, represent, want, and believe America should be, and these are the only guys brave enough to work toward that goal in an in your face way.

In other words, more and more every day citizens join the Trump train. It ain perfect, but it is vastly superior to anything the Democrats want our country to be.

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