Naples report Oct. 6th. 2017

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Another long day at the beach. Very high tide with a nasty swell and quite turbid water.
The inlet worked for a while despite minimal sunlight and waves.
The bait that was present made the snook more cooperating especially at the breakwaters
where the bait was held up.
Threw a fly a dozen times at a passing tarpon inside the inlet at no avail, luck would have it that        
I caught one at the breakwaters while tossing a clouser minnow close to the dangerous rocks.
Spotted the fins of the tarpon in the rough surf. I should get an Indian name like "dances with waves" :-)
Hooked a second one but it came loose just as I was ready to beach the fish.
Small jacks blitzed the small bait at one of the jetties and the snook joined in.
Got about eight snook during the day and dropped five, it was good.
Last snook came at the outgoing over the sandbar in the inlet.
Snook where lined up like trout in a river ... could hardly see them anymore but
hooked and lost a good one to finally get a smaller specimen as the last catch of the day
On my way back to the beach I spotted a huge snook near the breakwaters ... the fish had
seen me first though and slowly swam away.
At the beach access the swamp angels attacked with vengeance and when I was on the road
the bats flew around my head ... late but a good day.

















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That tarpon sure jumped, several times. A mere wonder that the hook was embedded so good.

And yes, another barracudatime ... strange as I have never caught them overhere. Supposedly the larger specimens plus permit can be founda on wrecks offshore.

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