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Headed to AI right now for the first time and I'm looking for any advice on what to expect, gear that works, baits to use, ANYTHING lol.  I've fished obx for blues and puppy drum but I have never tried here.  Just want to be prepared.  camping Friday to sunday

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I am new to AI as of this year... got my OSV jeep together in the early spring.  I did alot of research and got first hand info by asking.  Def recommend at least two 11 to 12 foot rods that can throw 5 to 8oz fish finder rigs.  Surf can be rough at times and if you cant hold bottom you are wasting your time (learned the hard way throwing 4oz).  Use a 6500 live liner spinning or 15 to 30 size conventional reel that you CAN cast.  I use braid on spinning and mono on cast reels. Use at 18 foot 50# shock leader. Also good to have a 9 or 10 foot to cast in the wash with a top and bottom rig.  Catch fresh bait that way.  Maybe a 4th 7.5 foot rod to cast spec rigs or jigging in the surf.  I really wish Stripers hit topwater at asseteague like they do up on long island and further north.

DONT BUY FROZEN BAIT. Spend on fresh bait except squid ok frozen.  Spot, blues, bunker, mullet. I want to try peelers but always talk myself out of spending the $$.


My next thing will be to make some custom high (4.5 foot) sand spikes.


Im pissed I have had travel with work. Wont be back im AI till Oct 22 prob. 


Good luck!



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First trip in the books.  I had a 13' xh, 10' xh,10' m, 9' h, 7.5' mh, and a 7' m casting rig. 


The surf was rough and 6oz wasn't holding which I wasn't prepared for but the local bait and tackle shop took care of that (thank you bucks).


Should of left everything under a heavy rod at home, no big deal, just extra baggage.


Should of made longer sand spikes.  Got pulled over twice.....GRRRRR....oh well, I clean everything when I get home regardless.


Should have bought wood on the way in.


Caught alot of blues and one shark.  Well worth the trip!




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