Keeping bait on a bucktail

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Use this mostly for summer flounder but it works great any time you use bait on a bucktail. When I'm bouncing a baited bucktail with say a big fat minnow I would miss so many flounder because they would hit it so hard that they could actually knock the minnow right off the hook. From jigging and bouncing the hook wears a hole where it passes through the minnow making it loose on the hook. Flounder wacks the bucktail and minnow bounces right off. 


Started doing this years ago and it solved the problem. Take any color plastic worm or grub and cut into small pieces then after you place whatever bait on slip a piece of the soft plastic right over the hook. Then no matter how big of a hole the jigging creates the bait can't bounce off. Now when you have gulp where the tails have been nipped off don't throw them out. Just cut them into small pieces and use them to cover the bait on a bucktail. I keep a very small plastic container in my tackle bag filled with cut plastics. Now you can even keep them in the liquid scent from gulp to sweeten the deal. Don't loose bait and fish when jigging. Make the fish work for their meal and keep the bait on the hook longer. 





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