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I purchased my first kayak many years ago from the Jersey Paddler. I was not blown away by the customer service but I only lived a few miles from there.

Pricing and customer service were not there best qualities. They are no longer in business. 

I purchased an ocean kayak trident 13 from  washington NJ at paddlers cove. I had a nice experience with John from the store. Unfortunately the kayak

was defective and leaked and had to be replaced. John replaced the kayak no problem

I purchased a trident 13 from  the army navy store near trenton. The price was good but the kayak hull deformed quickly. Ocean kayak did nothing for me.

I purchased an eddyline caribbean 14 from Jon at the kayak fishing store in Fairfield. Great guy. Great price. Great service.

I also had a similar  great experience with Chris Parsons at the kayak fishing store down south jersey. Great price great service.


I know I have  a disease. I buy and sell too many kayaks. Just ask my wife she will tell you. It seems to me that the kayak fishing stores are all going away.

Pretty soon we will need to purchase all kayaks online. I can't help but think if the customer service of the kayak store or the manufacturer was a little bit better

people would start purchasing local again. 

For example I went to my local hobie store to purchase a clip for my left over 2014 hobie revo seat.  It was less then a year old. Used about 5 times. The clip fell off

while transporting the kayak after the seat got stuck on the kayak. I did not realize the clip was missing until December. My local store did not stock the clip.

They would not order the clip. They told me to come back in the spring ? Really this is the great hobie customer service. I called the manufacturer and they 

needed all kinds of information and had to refer me to their second level of support ?  The clip retails for about 5 bucks. The kayak was over 2000? 

I contacted the place I bought the kayak from and they sent me 2 clips the same day I called them for free. 


I have had many great experiences with Chris  Parsons from the kayak fishing store near wild wood. I can call or email him any time and he will help me out

or find out the answer to my question from the manufacturer. I have also contacted eddyline support via email and they always get back to me within 24 hours.

They often send me what I requested at no cost. For example I got a new kayak but I liked the old style foot pegs better. Ok no problem they sent it to me.

For free. They even sent me an eddyline cap. I needed some new hardware to install some thigh braces on my kayak. No problem they sent it to me for free.

I was never asked how long ago did you buy your kayak ? Do you have a receipt ? They just get it . If someone spends 2000 on a kayak plus accessories

don't  aggravate them over a cheap parts like a replacement foot rail, or some nuts and bolts to install some thigh braces.  If a customer calls asking you how to do something with their kayak find out and get back to them.   Sometimes I really don't get it. Take a manufacturer like hobie. If a person wants a kayak with 

a regular seat not a vantage seat sell him one.  What ever happened to  customer service  and giving the customer what he wants ?

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1 hour ago, dbjpb said:

If a person wants a kayak with a regular seat not a vantage seat sell him one.  What ever happened to  customer service  and giving the customer what he wants ?

here's the thing Joe, no money to be made in selling what the customer wants.

more money to be made in selling things in packages.


so if you want a hobie, you need to buy their drive, their seat, and that silly water bottle that i have a couple somewhere in the garage... 


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At the end of the day EVERYONE wants to find a deal, Whats the first thing people do nowadays when they want to buy something............... they go online.


Internet is kicking plenty of business's to the curb not only in this sport but business in general. Amazon is probably one of the biggest bully's in town.... 


I'd hate to have to compete with the big internet stores (like Austin Kayak, etc), I get your message, customer service is essential but i feel for these guys all the same, wont be long before you see more & more of these small business's disappear.........

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I've had 2 issues with my inflatable Hobie, 1st was the steering system which required a factory fix. After my local dealer handled the warranty paperwork, Hobie sent out a pick up slip for my kayak; all I had to do was leave it outside the front door. Once it arrived at California HQ, turn around was 48 hours for the fix, shipped back to me fedex 3 day.


Recently discovered a crack in my mirage well. Sent Hobie and my dealer 2 photos of the damage, was expecting the same shipping back to CA and waiting for their inspection. Instead, Hobie put a new hull in the mail and it's on its way to my dealer now. All I have to do is swap old hull for new once it arrives (hopefully this week). 


I must say, despite some initial misgivings about my dealer (and Hobie's insistence that all warranty repairs go through dealers)...this level of custserv is more than generous. I understand I'm still under warranty, but I've had to jump through many, many more hoops on products supposedly under warranty in the past.

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I never had a great experience with Jersey Paddler either, even after buying several kayaks from them.

But it is sad to see them gone. Same thing with Bob Kislen's...gone.

Soon it will be internet only..

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If you have been doing this lomg enough to rember KFS that was service. Craig was top notch. 

Once they closed Jon Shien was a good go to, no Hobies tho. Since his passing service....... what's that.

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