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Steve in Mass

PSA - BEWARE Fishing License Dot Org

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I am usually fairly aware and adept at stuff like this, but this morning I was in a rush, and as such, got taken for not paying more attention..... :o 


I went to renew a saltwater fishing license and did it thru this site (long story why, but it doesn't matter).


Turns out all I paid for was a concierge service with info on prices for various state licences  and I could download something that gave me all kinds of coupons and stuff...but no license.


Fortunately I only got stuck for $3.99 which I will get back anyway cause I immediately alerted my credit card company when I found out what it was about, but upon investigation, I saw complaints of people having be charged as much as $100.


So be careful and pay ATTENTION. I am immensely embarrassed that I even made this mistake. :o



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This is the crap you get via e-mail.....I won't even download any of that crap as if it is not virus infected, it likely changes a lot of settings on your PC. so this is what you pay anywhere from $4 to perhaps more than $100 for....



(I removed the hot links, the bold I added))


Thank you for purchasing The Complete Fisherman Guide at *********. To download it please follow the link below. Be sure to read everything carefully, as we've included valuable information that can save you time and help you become an expert fisherman.
Our team of experts carefully researched this guide and designed it to be clear and simple to follow. It will help you gather the required documents and if your state allows online services it will provide links to them.  (Gee thanks. :squid:)


 It also includes additional information such as fishing tips, trip checklists and delicious fresh fish recipes.
We hope you find this guide useful and time-saving. If you have any questions or concerns, please reply to this email and our customer care representatives will be happy to assist you.

Download Now

Your purchase also includes your choice of a Dining, Shopping, Travel or Grocery Reward Gift. As well as coupons valuing up to $500 in savings with great offers for all your outdoor recreation and travel needs. 
•    Follow this link to access your coupons.
•    Follow this link to redeem your Reward Gift. 
•    Download your complete fishing gear essentials guide.
•    Click here to download the National Fisherman Guide Audiobook.
•    Redeem your $2,000 Grocery Reward. 
•    Redeem your $100 Shopping Reward. 
•    Download your comprehensive CookBook complete with tons of tips, recipes and much more!
Thanks for using our site. We appreciate your business. Enjoy the great outdoors!
The Fishing License Team


Yeah, right.............................

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I was at work, and the have new web filtering, use IE and Bing of which I both loath, I was in a hurry, and when I typed in the keywords that is what came up in the top 2-3.


And since I was in a hurry and wasn't paying attention, well................ :o


And that was sort of my point......... I trust the majority of folks here are pretty savvy, but we all do something quickly and dumbly from time to tie............. ;)


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