Ticking/Clicking sound on retrieval

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I have a problem with several fishing reels that I can't seem to find ANY info on at all on the internet. Seems like nobody has this issue for some reason.

The problem is as follows:

When reeling in the line with a spinner or wobbler in the water, thus giving the reel some resistance, the reel makes a light ticking/clicking noise as if two parts are hitting each other on every turn.

The weird thing is that is is completely gone if turning the reel when not mounted to the rod and line is hooked onto the hook on the line spool. The key factor is that there HAS TO BE resistance on the line for the noise to come. Also you kan offcourse feel this.

My head is logically saying to me that there must be some screw or something that touches something on retrieval when there is resistance on the line. It sounds and feels like it is coming from under inside the line spool but can't say that for sure.


Now the interesting part is that this is has now happened to me on 2 completely different reels and my friend has the same reel as one of mine and he has the same problem too.


The reels in question are the Okuma Ceymar CXT-10 and the Shimano Ultegra 2500 (My friend has this one too with the same problem).


I would really like to understand why this happens to these reels and how I can fix it.



I don't know if it helps but whenever I'm REALLY stuk and can't get my bait loose then I always put on the brakes at max, align the rod in the direction of where the bit is stuk, grab my hand around the rod inclusive the fishing line (pressing the line against the rod) and PULL backwards slowly until either the baite comes loos OR the 20pound line snapes. I understand that the pressure on the reel will be enormous but sometimes you have no choice.

Either way, just wanted to mention it sinds it might be the cause of the problem, but still I want to know what is broken or out of sync so I can fix it or maybe even buy stronger upgrade parts to prevent it.

I do not have the purchase info for the Ultegra so can't deliver it to the dealer under warranty.


If you need any more info just ask.....



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First thing to check is an easy one - try a little light grease on the line roller bearing. Usually just one screw to get to the line roller bearing. They get corroded easily and cause all sorts of scratchy/ tickey kinda noises when you are reeling in a lure.


Give that a try, won't take but a couple minutes :)



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I serviced a Stella yesterday with bad line roller bearings. When pulling line out it sounded and felt like crunching rocks in you hand. You could feel it threw out the reel.


Your pinion bearing may be bad also. It will do the same thing. 

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