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A Plan and a Whim 09-18-2017

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My Plan was to fish a place that I fished for the first time 9 days ago because I had almost the same tide conditions and a favorable wind direction. As I left the house it was calm and rather mild but as I drove to the cape it was not long before I started to hot drizzle and a little fog and I wondered would that be the extent of the weather or would it get worse.


I arrived about 6 am and it was fog and damp but no rain or drizzle. I walked to a nice little sandbar and it was not long before I started to see swirling fish and birds dipping down. I tried a few different flies and hey all seemed to get hits and in the end I picked up 8 fish and dropped a good number. This was a typical size today.




I fished about 1 1/2 hours and then things seemed to get quiet and I decided to move on to my next scheduled Chatham spot. The weather was still treating me well and I fished until about 11 am and never got a bump. Things were dead and I was wondering if the front of Jose may have shut things down as it gets closer.


I had an inkling in the back of my mind on where to go next but I was not sure if I wanted to do another 1 hour ride. I decided to hit Dunkins and I thought I would indulge while I drove and i would make the final decision when I approached the exit to Cragville beach.


The decision was go take a look and see what the conditions were like. It was like a Ghost Town and I thought give it a shot. I got dressed and walked to the water and I decided to break out my last Olive, Yellow and White Clouser. This fly has been a killer all summer. 


The wind was up just a little and the tide was dropping and I don't think I was fishing more than 10 minutes when I made two strips and my fly got crushed. The fish hit so hard that it basically went airborne as the line went tight and the fish was off and running and was soon into my backing. This fish measured 28 inches. I was fortunate that two ladies walking by offered to take the picture for me.




It only took 20 minutes when I got my second fish. This one was different from the first. The only things other than the fly that was the same was I never got into the water, I was just fishing at the edge of the water. I guess it was sort of like the way I fish Sanibel. 


This fish actually hit about 15 feet of the tip of my road, it was just a big swirl on the fly and when it got stuck it just went straight from the beach. I had a suspicion this fish was bigger, more backing than the first one is a good gauge. I was right, this one measured 30 inches.




I continued to work the beach and I did not get any more fish but I did see breaking fish a few times but they never came in range but they did have me a bit excited at times because it looked promising. It turned out my last minute whim was a good one and with the weather coming in it may mean the next 4 or 5 days means Dunkins without the fish.



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I was very lucky to have people walking by at the right time and they were nice enough to do me the honor. I do have a small tripod that I thought I might  experiment with but I think it may take to long to set it up especially with a fish to deal with since the max time is only 10 seconds.. 



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