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Hi Dan,



I was hoping you would see this :)

Would the price differ if hooks were provided to you as opposed to using your own materials?

I typically use 2/0 Gama hooks - 5/0 might be too big for my application and area I fish.

I wish I could justify the 5/0 hook size - but then again, hooks differ based off manufacturers from what I have seen.

What brand of hooks do you use? Can you post a picture with 5/0 hook next to a Quarter for size comparison? Also a picture of 5/0 Jig head hook next to a Quarter?

Thanks again for your time and efforts.



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I understand your concern but there's a couple things you should know.  First, there's no standards in the hook making business as to hook sizes.  A manufacturer can call their hooks any size they want.  Another can make the exact same hook and call it a different size.  The result is a lot of confusion.  Second is that you can only put a hook that is  so small or so large in a mold without modification.  I have no problem modifying a mold but only to a point.  After that the mold becomes useless for it's original purpose.  

Now, back to what you're asking.  As far as the Gamakatsu hook you're asking about I keep a variety of hooks from different manufacturers on hand just for situations like this.  I just tried a Gama #604 in 2/0 size and it's way too small for that mold.  It simply won't work.  The smallest I can put in the 1 oz cavity is a 4/0 Mustad #91715 and the 2 oz needs a 5/0.  The only way to get a 2/0 hook in that mold without modification is a two piece arrangement that makes the jig more expensive.

If you want to see a picture for comparison it'll take a couple hours.  I'm busy getting caught up after vacation.

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I agree with your reply - 2/0 Gama wont be the same as a 2/0 Mustad - sad but true.


I look forward to seeing your pictures - maybe we can make something work.

Thanks again,



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