What size Yeti for a big center console

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3 hours ago, outAluck said:

For the price of a frigid rigid I would hope it puts yeti to shame.  I bought a yeti, 75 and paid 300 brand new.  Frigid 65 is 659 ad 85 is 789.  That is more than 2x what I paid and close to 3x's on the 85. 


I have had the yeti on the boat (locked down) since new.  Over the last month I have put Ice in the Yeti 3 times.  The contents within the cooler remain cold.  The drinks I leave on the boat are all cold.  I have been nothing short of amazed by how long the cooler keeps ice and keeps the contents cold.  Use the boat  3-4 times a week and are in and out of cooler all the time.  Short of having a power supply I can't see any cooler being far superior, though I have been proven wrong before.  I did own a few knock offs  (rtic, igloo sportsman,  and Ozark) before I decided to just buy the yeti.  The knock offs were ok but didn't perform any where as well as the yeti.    Sorry for the side bar.


I agree with others, ask capt and let him tell you what he wants on his boat.


It's not about performance. Yeti's and Frigid Rigid are different. According to many tests they both perform about the same however.  


What makes FR different and far more expensive is they are fiberglass and hand made.  Yeti's are plastic.  So if you have a $700,000 center console (like the OP) or $3,000,000 sportfish were the fit and finish are yacht quality - many times those guys want a yacht quality cooler (like a FR) and will pay for it.

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6 hours ago, outAluck said:

ok that makes sense.

Yeah, my point wasn't really to knock Yeti and their bose like pricing.....Better insulation through advertising :)

But if you look at the factory equipment of many high quality rigs.  THey go with the Rigid.  Fit finish and often color matched.  They blend into the boats aesthetics and function.


Redonculously overpriced...I mean..who the eff needs a hand laid fiberglass cooler :)

But if I had 100-200k to dump on a used 30' + CC....that's the direction I'd go....(but it probably already has one :) )

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