It Begins. Calling all weather geeks.

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Invest 90L 60% change of developing into a tropical storm in the next 48 hours, 80% chance in the next 5 days. 


Invest 99L 20% (below) in the next 48 hours, 40% in the next 5 days. 


Gulf of Mexico SST on averge 3.5 degrees F higher than average (almost 90) 


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10 minutes ago, redfishkiller said:

There's always a line over my house, why does the weather guy hate me?

I think the guys who forecast the expected storm track start at the areas that everyone wants to see wiped off the map then draw the line back towards the storm.  That is why there are usually 2-3 lines over longuyland and, as a rule, always at least 5 over jersey. 

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