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Shortest Trip This Year 08-06-2017

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Today was what turned out to be my shortest trip yet. I was sort hoping that the day would not go as suspected. Many years ago I had a bout of Shingles right on the pupil of my eye and that was one of the most painful experiences I ever had. Needless to say that because of the scaring on my eye the option of having laser surgery was forever ruled out.

The biggest issue for me now has always bee wind and for whatever reason wind if it quarters over my right shoulder will sometime irritate my eye and it just waters, itches like crazy and hurts and the vision gets blurry. I put drops in it which help a little but it seems the best solution is to stay off the water and let things calm down.

Last Friday the wind was simply from the wrong direction and because of the sustained exposure to it, the eye just got irritated and uncomfortable. I was hopeful after 36 hours of rest it would be better.

I woke at 4 am and left the house at 4:30 and arrived a little after 5 am. The water was just turning in and the wind was NW but blowing and for August with temps in the 60's I opted to wear my wind breaker to help keep the wind off my head. 

Once again I started with my same Olive, Yellow and White Clouser and it was not long before I had a few bumps but again not connections. Last night as I was driving home I noticed that the moon was just about full which indicated it would be be a fast filling tide and with the wind direction and a fla shallow beach I knew rolling incoming waves would be an issue because they would build fast and crash as they reached you. The trick was to stay just deep enough to have them break behind you.

I still get bumps and finally connected on my first fish before the sun was over the horizon. ( The auto focus seemed ti be more tuned into the horizon ) That results in a blurry photo.


It was nice little chunker and I had hopes of something bigger.

I still got more bumps and then a smaller Striper and then a fish that felt heavier and when it jumped I now knew what the bumps were, it was Shad.

I picked up one more Shad and then another Striper, this one a little better.


It seemed that after this fish with the sun up things just seemed to die. I don't think it was just the sun, I think with the front coming in for tomorrows rain that things would not pick up an with the eye starting to get aggravated a bit more I opted to call it a morning and to hit Dunkins on the way home.

I think I was in my living room by 8:30 am.



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In the immortal words of Dirty Harry Callahan, a good man's got to know his limitations. You caught a few. Best to amble on to the house before the eye got fully annoyed. That's just plain good judgement.


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