Two Custom Rob Davies Canal Style Pencils

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These are unique in that the "flat" part isn't really flat, but a bit concave, and extends to about 3/4 of the way to the back of the plugs, so they scoot to the surface in a hurry and are easy to walk.  (see pics)

Bodies are 7.5", w/o loops.  About 1 3/4 oz on my scale. 

One has a yellow back with gray scale sides and a pearl belly.  The other has the same gray scale sides but is all pearl white. Both have small red heads.  Hooks are new VMC 4x on new 5.5H split rings.

If you know Rob's plugs, you know that he builds them to cast into another time zone, and these are no exception.

$49 for the pair.  Immediate PP only.  Includes USPS First Class shipping within one day of payment receipt.

Splits?  Don't even bother to ask.  These are killer plugs at a fair price.




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