Manchin to announce he's becoming a republican???

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Just heard the tail end of a news report that 'the' WV senator is  going to stand with Trump at his rally tonight and announce he's switching over to a Republican...they probably said the name earlier in the report, which I missed...and Manchin is 'the guy' down there in West Virginia...can someone confirm?

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If he rolls over to the Republican Party, he will shake up the Senate. He might be the man who will open the door for other Democrat Senators.  The Democrats are bankrupt at several levels. Money, Abortion, Jobs, & Defending the Nation.

Source;  Jacob Weisburg, Financial Times August 3, 2017

"The Democratic plan "Better Deal" is somewhat thin on policy, it represents an important step toward what the party must do to compete effectively in 2018. Mrs Clinton lost a winnable election last year in large part because she failed to weave a compelling narrative around scores of proposals. In place of her something-for-everybody patchwork, the Democrats need a strong, national message that goes beyond “Dump Mr Trump”. Like the president himself, they must find a way to appeal to a broad swath of middle-class voters with a few popular proposals.

Until last week, the Democrats had done little to develop or promote a positive agenda. Despite a tremendous expenditure of resources, they have lost special congressional elections to fill seats vacated by Trump appointees in Kansas, Montana, South Carolina and Georgia. Each of these four was an uphill struggle for them. But in each case, liberal candidates failed to make the crucial leap from disgust with Mr Trump to selling an affirmative agenda. Voters understood whom the Democrats opposed, but not what they stood for.

These contests also point to the particularly knotty challenge Democrats face in winning the allegiance of white swing voters while mobilizing younger progressives who are impatient for more radical change. Today, the party’s energy and ideas are coming mostly from the left. But the left’s anti-corporate, redistributionist views do not play well in the more conservative heartlands. Thus the program faces in two directions at once. It is designed to recapture working-class voters who responded to President Trump’s populism and nationalism, while at the same time pre-empting a progressive overthrow of the party leadership.

To that end, Chuck Schumer, the Senate minority leader, and House minority leader Nancy Pelosi shared the stage in Virginia with Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who is Wall Street’s chief liberal nemesis. They also shrewdly focused their message around pocketbook economics, rather than cultural issues or foreign policy. It’s notable that their plan makes no mention of abortion, gun control, civil rights, or climate change — issues that often set them at odds with blue-collar voters."

The pressure is building in the states that were once Blue that President Trump won and tipped the Electoral College vote in his favor.  West Virginia was one of them.

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