Penn clash 5000 mainshaft problem?

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I've had my penn clash 5000 sense may now and have put many fish on it sense then. I noticed yesterday the spool would drop or not even raise up to make an even line lay. It attempts to go up but falls down when reeled up right. It's the main shaft with any type of weight on top like the spool it can't lift the spool clicks and falls down. I've taken it apart tried to see if something slipped or broke but I can see anything out of place.. any idea on specific components I should look at or anyone have had similar problem and could explain maybe how I could I attempt to fix myself. Maybe I'm not being specific enough or I did a bad job explaining I can explain more if I did explain enough.


thank you for anyone's help

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Check the spool shaft itself where it attaches to the crosswind block. If those screws are tight go ahead and take the screws out and remove the spool shaft. 

Now you can check the crosswind block, crosswind gear, and main gear. The small teeth on the back of the main gear drive the crosswind gear. The pin in the crosswind gear fits into the crosswind block. As it rotates it raises and lowers the spool.

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