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Between maintaining some older reels and doing some light gunsmithing I feel its time to upgrade my drivers.

I am not going into business, so I dont need top of the line, but not the craft-store walgreens/walmart drivers with soft metal  either.

Whats the toyota camry of screwdrivers for reel maintenance?


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For non slotted....

Just buy 3

Wera pozidrive size 0 and size 1 (light blue handles) and a 00 (green detail screwdriver handle) philips.

I have no idea why but pozidrivs grip fishing reel screws better than philips.

over 100 reels so far on them this year.  And I can't get over how the drivers are still sharp and like new.  ANd i haven't even so much as damaged the finish on those black coated screws.

I figured the serrations on the tip would only be beneficial when inserting screws...But somehow they grip when extracting.

I just ordered a size 0 phillips to really compare

(size zero works on 80% of the screws you'll find.  Size 1 barely shows up in fw reels.  Size 00 is seems to show up more often than 1.

For slotted.  Any hollow ground bit will work.

I find that quarter inch drive hollow ground slotted bits are easier to source than a whole screw driver.  Cheaper too.  

Hollow ground is an absolute must when working on daiwa baitcasters and removing levelwind pawl.  Flat ground will cam out and damage the screw head bad!

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Wiha philips fit the best and hold the screw. For flathead sets get Brownwells at the high end and Grace at the lower end of costs. Both are fully guaranteed. 

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