Saragosa 5000 SW spare spool for sale or trade

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Listing a 'gosa 5000 SW spare spool for either sale or trade - I ordered a 6000SW from Shimano, it came in today thereby making the 5000 spool expendable. Monetarily, I'm looking for $30 shipped (within cont US) and I'd accept paypal, money order, or if an in person meeting can be arranged, cash. 

Condition - I bought it this past spring during the reel trade-in thing at Bass Pro and only used it lightly for smaller stripers (well, for bigger bass, but only caught smaller fish....LOL)...Never dunked, splashed  dropped in sand or on rocks and I'd call the condition 9.5, only because I can't call an item that's been used a '10' (i.e  there is nothing cosmetically or mechanically wrong with this reel - pic included below)...Its loaded with 30 lb blue camo spiderwire (a freebe that you can feel free to discard if you wish)...If you were to order a new one from Shimano directly, it would cost $60 once they add in their shipping cost. 

Items items I'd be interested in would be a Guppy pencil similar (color and size) to the one I added in a pic below (I believe the size is 2 1/2 oz??? I'd accept a 2oz or 2oz 1/2)...if there is an afterhours pencil in similar colors, I could go for that


4 packs of  albie snax - I also added a pic of these as a frame of reference...but, the ones in the picture below are all white...I'm only looking for the discontinued color of white with the pinkish or  red head



Saragosa trade.jpg

Saragosa trade2.jpg

Saragosa trade3.jpg

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6 hours ago, r00kieAngler said:

How much braid is in there ? I will take it for asking price. Please pm me your paypal account. Thanks

Sorry for the late reply (went to bed)

But anyway, thanks a lot - it has at least 200 yards. I had purchased a 300 yard spool while at BPS and they were able to load well over 2/3 of that spool. 

PM on the way

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