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All prices are shipped, PP only. All plugs will be shipped without hooks.

All 4 Lots Price $155

SOLD Lot 1: (5) Beater Guppies $55: 2 oz mini, Jobo Sr. and (3) Jobo Jr. 2 3/4 oz

Lot 2: (2) Lightly Used Choopy Darters $33- (1) 5” and (1) 6” 2H.

SOLD Lot 3: (3) Well Used Metal Lips $35 - CCW Jetty Swimmer, RM Smith Danny and Jigman Pikie - I think these would all swim fine but I haven’t used them in awhile and can’t say for sure hence the price point.

Lot 4: (2) Light To No Use Metal Lips $50 - CCW Danny is very lightly used. The Big Fischer is like new. Wet once.


Lot 1


Lot 2:


Lot 3:


Lot 4:


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