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Shimano Saragosa 10000 for sale

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For sale is this lightly used Shimano Saragosa 10000 spinning reel.   This was purchased new, by me, last year, for a week long trip to Florida for my girlfrend to use.     It was only used then.  

This reel is spooled with 50lb Sufix braid, still in good shape, though the outer layers are faded.

There are a few light rash marks on the reel,  but overall the feeling is 'excellent, little use,  almost new'. Where the reel seat contacted the reel, also shows some evidence of being mounted.

It spins perfectly smooth, drag is perfectly smooth.   This reel functions as new.   It has never been dunked, or even drenced in saltwater.  It has lived most of it's life in conditioned storage in Idaho.

I fish conventional reels, so it is time to sell this reel.  (girlfriend likes her Sustain 10000 better because of the lighter weight)

Cost is $240 shipped in the CONUS.




















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The base says 'Made in Malaysia'.    

I will check on the box contents, I did not open it yesterday when I pulled it out from all of my boxes.

Not sand,  this reel has never been on sand,  only on a boat.  It was literally only used on one trip, for 5 days by my girlfriend.

I dont really want to remove the line,  it would be a waste.  It is te Sufix 832, and is still good.  The other reels I have spooled with it from prior to that, and use, are still going strong.

I think I will hold off on accepting $200.  That is lower than I wanted to go.


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gotcha on the line, but I'd be respooling anyway

let me know if you have the shims etc 

i can come up a bit but looks like its got some good dings and coating is compromised - consider any partial trades?

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I believe the box contents are complete.   I save everything from almost everything I purchase.  There are cardboard supports for the reel, a spinning reel manual,the 10 year warranty card,  and it is not the US  but AU. There is  parts diagram,  and the shims are all there, untouched.  There is also a small ziplock with some pieces of tape? which I have no idea about.

There is also a reel elastic spool protector band, that I forgot to photograph.



It does have a few dings,  but nothing serious.   There is dust visible on the reel, in these pics.   The silver on these reels is a painted finish. This has been stored in the dark, in a conditioned space.   The clearcoat is in excellent,  like new condition, except for the few dings.  

  I will go at $200 shipped, without the line.   And,  if you are not happy for any reason,   pay the return shipping and I will refund you with no questions.

One additional comment...   I have felt some variation in the action of spinning reels.  Last year I purchased an almost new Diawa Saltiga 6500 Ballistic?,  the expensive ($1100?) model?   It was gorgeous.  I paid around $800 for it.    I returned it, because there was some slack in the feel between the crank and the spool action.  It was as new.  Since then,  I have felt this in a few other spinning reels I have touched, even at the store, brand new,  and it seems to be a random thing,  I am not sure.  I have since thought that any spinning reel that I purchase in the future (probably only for my Girlfriend, as I prefer conventional, but who knows)  I definitely need to feel the reeling action. This Saragosa has a great 'feel'.   The crank has only the slightest gap in connection with the winding action, the correct amount.  Any tighter and there might be problems.  This Saragosa is excellent.    

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thanks for the additional info, i appreciate it

id like to try and confirm that the AU has the same gearing as the US models and not the Japanese ones

but ill take it for $200 shipped PP

i hope you have a use for the line, i plan to put 65# on there but id hate to see it go to waste 

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please send me your payment info and ill try and get some quick info on the AU gearing in the meantime

im happy to cover PP fees too, bout $6

i dont expect any problems but thank you for the return offer and ill take you up on it if any issues

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