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Hello new to this and new to fixing my reels.  Is there a way to tell what Penn I owned if the little sticker came off the reel.


I fished a Luxor, a Squidder, Penn 65(?) for years many years ago.....Spinning, I only used the Luxor and Garcia Mitchells as a kid.  Anytime I fixed something it ended up in a box in parts.

About ten years ago I purchased a Penn (704z???), the line kept coming off the lip of the spool and I became totally frustrated. I have fished only Shimanos before and after. I fish the surf hard and I am very hard on my reels. Buying, up the food chain, from the $75-$100 range to the $250 + range. No VS for me....

So my PENN question- I recently took all old my reels and cleaned and oiled them. The baitcasters from 1960 are running true and I fished them last week. I heard good stuff about PENN so I'm buying another...I changed the line and cleaned the old penn , in parts with LTC,  She rose from the dead. Got everything oiled, greased and running like a dream.. When I went to put the spool on.. I was missing the top drag knob. The label on the reel came off long ago but I'm just guessing it was  a 704z since I always wanted a greeny. So anyway to tell what reel I own? Can I get that  knob or new spool?

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Post a picture and someone will be able to help. You can get parts for old Penn's, especially the drag knobs, but a picture will help. 

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 scott's bait and tackle

52N-750N Knob, Drag Knob, 2004 Power Drag Knob with Seal



you should post picture as stated above

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