Sandwich 07-27-2017

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The NE winds have been dominating the fishing lately and today it ruffianly reverted back to SW and looking at the forecast it appears it it will be short lived. I had no intention of fishing today but being a bachelor all week it makes it hard to stay home after getting all the chores done. I looked at the tide and I decided to hop in the car and take a ride to Sandwich and watched the occasional raindrops hit the windshield on my ride. 

High tide was was 3:13 pm and I arrived on the water one hour before. The beach definitely showed the impact of the onshore winds. It was covered with lots of sea weed and the bottom along of the beach was covered with red mung in most areas. The good thing is the water was flat and more than clean enough to fish.

This is what the beach looked like.


As I made my way down the beach there were areas at the high tide mark that had a straight vertical drop of more than a foot. I don't ever remember seeing that on this beach before, normally it always maintained a gradual slope.

I think I fished for over two hours before I got a solid hit and came up empty , the next cast was a hook up and drop and then I finally connected on a traditional Chartreuse and White Clouser. I missed the next two fish and then they were gone. It was evident that a school of fish moved in and then moved out. The fish was not big. As the tide dropped I did start to see some good schools of bait fish, they were not sand eels and appeared to be maybe an inch to an inch and a half long. Not sure if they were peanut bunker or not but they did have a deeper profile as opposed to a slender one,

During the next two hours I had hits and misses and got my second schoolie and I then decided to go o  a smaller fly and switched up to a Pink & White Sand Eel to see if the smaller fly would help. I also felt the the drop in the water height meant I could forgo a weighted fly.

The smaller fly worked and I picked up a few more schoolies as well as some good size Hickory Shad. 


I suspect that a lot of the hits I was getting may have well been Shad and not schoolies. It sure seems like the shad are in many places at the present time. This is the 3rd place I have fished in a week and I have picked up Shad in all of them.

Things seemed to quiet down around 6 pm and I opted to call it a night and made my traditional stop at Dunkins for the ride home.


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Dick last visit to that beach we had lots of shad and the missed hits I experienced were similar and most like shad too. We did manage to land a few of them on that outing but overall slow.

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I was at that beach this past weekend on 7/22 and 7/23 and in addition to a good number of shad and stripers at the tail end of the ebb, I caught more mackerel on the fly than ever before, at least a dozen each day. They were big too, some in the 16"+ range.

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4 minutes ago, JEFFSOD said:


Thus all the action in the canal this week. Those mackerel made it into the big ditch.

Yeah figures. The canal is not really my scene much though. Too busy and too weird of a mentality down there for me. Jeffsod I am on Fly Fishing New England as ToneDef.

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