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Scaramucci vs. Priebus

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OK, so the Mooch has gone over Priebus with a tire iron.  Add Priebus to the list of people who may be drifting into Presidential disfavor.

What's the consensus here? Priebus has been in politics a long time, mostly AFAIK in the personnel management end. I remember him warning Republicans to get on the Trump bandwagon without delay after the primary; he wasn't as early a supporter as Sessions, but he did his organizational duty.  BUT there's a lot of distaste here for anyone who has been in politics or D.C. for more then fifteen minutes ahead of President Trump.  Is Priebus a part of the swamp, or is he an unfairly maligned administrator?

In other unhappiness news,

1) SoS Tillerson is said to be unhappy with the President, for reasons not clearly stated (at least within my hearing.) He has no prior background in politics, save for approving payments made to ExxonMobil's K Street lobbyists. He has a lot of experience dealing with Putin and Russia, and with various Presidents, Prime Ministers, and state-controlled entities elsewhere.  HOWEVER he does believe that global warming is real and a problem, which is anathema to many posters here. Should he go?

2) NSA McMaster is said to be unhappy because Steve Bannon is managing to marginalize him. That implies Presidential consent to the marginalization. McMaster's appointment came, after Gen. Flynn's appointment and departure, to wide applause - but maybe the President doesn't like what he's being told. A plan to address Afghanistan is apparently sitting in limbo, the President having declined to decide what he wants to do, and it's a plan from McMaster and Mattis.  

Should McMaster go? Is he a swamper?

3) Bannon himself came in for some fire from the Mooch too, the reference being one that the autocensor would block me from quoting. What say the President's supporters here?  

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