Calcutta Nitecore Lipless Yamas and Big Worms

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Calcutta 300D new in the box 285.00 and 7.00 to ship. 
Prompt Paypal payment appreciated please. Will ship 1st class USPS.


Like new...only used in backyard the night I bought it.

(2) 18650 rechargeable cells are included.....

Great light to carry on your Boat or on the Beach....strobe, beacon....9 football fields of throw, rechargeable or useCR123 disposable cells....(2) 18650 Rechargeable cells included...

I just don' t use it, been sitting in my closet.

Copied from Batteryjunction.com

Nitecore Multitask Hybrid MH40GT Rechargeable High Intensity Searchlight - CREE XP-L HI V3 LED - 1000 Lumens - Uses 2 x 18650s or 4 x CR123As
Nitecore Multitask HybridMH40GT Rechargeable High Intensity Searchlight - CREE XP-L HI V3 LED -1000 Lumens - Uses 2 x 18650s or 4 x CR123As

Nitecore MH40GTRechargeable Flashlight 1000 Lumens
1000 Lumens Last More Than 2 Hours!
The Nitecore MH40GT is a tactical hybrid flashlight capable of amazing feats of illumination! Utilizing a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED, this tactical monster runs a maximum output of up to 1000 lumens for up to 130 hours. The MH40GT has a beam distance of 803meters, which is ideal for hunting, safety, andprofessional military orlaw enforcement use. Every MH40GT TacticalLED comes with attachedsteel titanium-plated clip for easy storage and access.
Peak CREE Technology
The CREE XLamp series is known for their innovationand power; it's for thosereasons Nitecore chose to use their LED chips in the MH40GT. The XP-L HI ispart of CREE's HighIntensity LED series. These LED chips use special SC5 technology to increasecandela output by over100%. With the highestsingle-die performance among the competition, customers can rest assured that the MH40GTTactical LED is one of the top-performing flashlightsavailable on the market.
Built NITECORE Tough!
Aluminum AlloyConstruction
Built for the toughestassignments, the Nitecore MH40GT is constructedfrom an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. This highquality alloy is ideal forhandling the heat andintensity of such apowerful flashlight, as well as the heavy workloadoften placed on flashlights of this magnitude. The bezel ring is made from stainless steel for increased protection of the LED and other delicate components. TheMH40GT has an impact resistance of 1.5 metersand is waterproof up to 2 meters.
Aerospace-gradealuminum body with hard-anodized finish
High-efficiency regulationcircuit for improved runtime performance
Intelligent charging circuit with voltage detection
Charging Port is waterproof, dust proof, impact-resistant
Reverse Polarity Security for protection
Tailstand-capable for illuminating an entire room
Stainless steel bezel ring for increased protection
Fortified mineral glass lens with anti-reflective coating
Easy-to-use rotating head allows users to easily customize each brightness level
2 Specialty Modes: Strobe & SOS
Anti-rolling design
Included Accessories:
AC Charger
Wrist Lanyard
Belt Holster
Cigar Ring
Belt Clip
Spare O-rings
(2) Nitecore NL1832300mAh 18650 Batteries

Big Worms

All New 
Uptons Worms 9"straight tail Aarons Magic

Maverick 10" shaker grr pump waterm red

Manns original jelly worm 12" wmseed/rmf

Xcite baits 101/2" maximas watermelon red

Magic Worms (a california classic) 8" flick shake cola, Darksmoke, Grnflake

22.00 plus 2.75 to ship usps 1st class
Prompt payment please
Thanks guys

High quality Lipless Baits that fish great in Bays and Harbors.

Sebile Flat Shad 77 SK
Spro Aruku Shad
Lucky Craft LV 500
Lucky Craft LV 100
Live Target Vibration Trap

All baits I believe are unfished except for the Live Target which is in excellent condition. The rest look new.
Added 9 more usedTraps....

Hook bonnets will ship with baits.
$35.00.....plus $2.50 to ship 1st Class USPS.
Paypal.....Prompt paymentis very much appreciated.


All baits are in great condition.
3 packs Curly Tail worm 1 full pack 1 pack with 9 baits and the other has 7 baits.

3 packs Double Tail all full
Chart silver flk
Burpee? Purple with flk
Smoke rtbeer/grn go 

Take yamas for $19.00 tyd

thanks guys













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