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Hey guys, my homewaters are the central NJ coast, where I'm very much at home on the rocks. I'm heading to Maine, near Pemaquid Lake in a couple weeks. I'm looking forward to some freshwater smallmouth fishing, but what I'm really interested in is fishing some of that incredible coast you Mainers have. How bad are accessibility issues? i.e. getting to the rocks without trespassing. I've been using Googlemaps for some initial scouting (near Pemaquid point) and access to the rocks looks near impossible without going through private property. Although the Rachel Carson Preserve just above New Harbor looks promising (from googlemaps anyway). Any local knowledge to help out this rockhopper would be greatly appreciated. BTW I'm not hellbent on only catching stripers. Blues would be fun, and I'm not sure if you get them around Pemaquid but false albies would be a welcome species....Cheers


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1st, and trust me on this, NJ rocks are "wussie pebbles" compared to ME rocks (I've spent time on Deal, NJ jettys), mostly based on the tidal bore differences, 8 vs 12 ft in the Pemaquid region which means much more extensive weed/slime coverage.  You've really got to have all the proper rock equipment and keep your wits about you also.  Besides that, you usually have a good steep climb down to the rocks.

If you're hell-bent on getting on the rocks near Pemaquid Point, you can access them on John's Bay by heading to the Pemaquid Pt. Lighthouse down ME-130.  Near the end, by the Bradley Inn, 130 veers to the left to go to the lighthouse, but stay straight on Pemaquid Loop Road.  Stay on that and when it starts to go left, there's a little parking lot on your right.  You can get down to the rocks from there.  I have never fished, nor seen anyone fishing there.  You'll catch macks and harbor pollock for sure from the rocks.  Bass, not sure, but the estuaries around the area have a good supply.  As far as Rachel Carson, it's uncharacteristically shallow around there, not sure if it's worth trying, but it's easier access then the access outlined by the Lighthouse.  BTW, you can access rocks by the lighthouse, but it will cost you $4.

When you get your ME FW license, and you'll get checked on Pemaquid Pond, you'll have the option of getting your Salt Water registry done too.

Curious to see how you do.

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"Wuss pebbles" ahahaha! That's awesome. But you're right to point out the comparison. I've climbed down the rocks at Pemaquid several times throughout the years, and was always smitten by the desire to fish the waters around there. I usually fish north barnegat jetty; so I have my korkers, but I do recall seeing MUCH heavier seaweed and rockslime on the Maine rocks. Thanks for your input. I'll check back in later. Cheers.

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