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Fished midnight to 9 am Saturday! Saw people few yards to the right and left of me hook up but I didn't catch anything! 

Went  back Down Sunday! Smoked em!! Lost count! Mostly small keepers from 28-35 inches! Lost a few big fish!!!  Caught a 30lber on a pencil!!! Hit 3 4 times before inhaling it!  So I was fighting this fish and my buddy, whose deaf and first time fishing here, hooks up! I'm trying to catch up to him cuz he's moving down ther rocks. He's over my line!   So he gets thefish and realizes he's over my line!  So he lands it! Small keeper! He sees the size of my fish and freaks out' trying to land it! My buddy who fishes here often has grippers and is waving yelling at him to calm down!  So the deaf kid jumps into the water best hugs this fish! Runs back on to the rocks and wipes out! I thought he broke something he fell hard!!

at one point we all hooked up to fish!! 






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fun report to read, sounds like you had a great time ... well done


I Second this 


Yep, great read, looks like your having a good ol' time out there now... nice going!


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33 minutes ago, xjclint said:

This was definitely an odd week. Tons of big fish one day, quiet the next. Macks seems to be randomly moving around.

The cold front we had earlier in the week wasn't doing anyone favors, I was out yesterday put in 6 hours and managed to get a 15lb bluefish. My guess is that the water is too cold, better off waiting till next week when the weather warms up.

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