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Looking to swap some reels that are not getting  much play these days...  

What I'm lusting after is a couple more  reels for ocean fluking.. specifically:

  1. Low Profile Baitcaster - 300/400 size.. RIGHT HAND retrieve.. prefer  Daiwa,  Shimano, or Abu (Revo).. preferably w/power handle..  (Please no Quantums, Okumas) 
  2. 4000 size Shimano Thunnus, - or a very clean, late model Baitrunner 4000 -- (please, no Okumas or reels larger than 4k)

Trade Fodder:    

  1. Abu 6600 C4  w/power Handle- Very lightly used...   mech. 10/10.. cosmetic 9/10 (loaded with 30#  braid)
  2. Abu 6600 C3   Very lightly used...   mech. 10/10.. cosmetic 9/10   (loaded with 30#  braid)
  3. Daiwa  47LC line counter reels (3)-  All mechanically sound.. On 2 of these I adapted Penn power handles to fit.. They provide a LOT more cranking power.. I used these trolling umbrella rigs, big divers, and other heavy stuff, and they perform admirably.. however as the handle nut cap no longer lined up, they look a bit rude...  but are fine workhorses.. (The factory handled model has some 40# color-metered braid ..installed by the Department of Redundancy Department) 
  4. Shimano TLD 15- Mech. 8/10 ..  cosmetics 5/10 .. most of the graphics (including model id) are rubbed off..  but  solid reel... 
  5. Shimano Triton Mark II - Alum. Frame classic!... I picked it up in need of a handle, which I replaced... but again, missing the nut cap... Mechanically 8/10 .. (loaded with 50lb Braid) ( as this reel claims to be "designed for Professionals, please include your resume with any offers :) ) 
  6. Cannon Uni Troll manual Downrigger- Includes Telescoping Boom, Swivel Base, and Gimbal mount.. Nice plug & Play unit..  Mech. excellent... (will need new cable Terminator/ball clip) 

Will be happy to post more pix on request.. Let's get to hagglin!  Trades Only Please! 

Please Note- Tomorrow (7/12) is a fish day for me.. so please be patient with me till Thursday if I fail to reply .. thanks for looking SOL! 






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