2012 HOBIE OASIS (dual Mirage Drive)- Sand color

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Wifey wants a SUP, and I figure 2 would be better, so the Oasis must go.  I purchased it second-hand in 2015 from a guy in Orange County, NY who was moving to AZ; he used it mostly in lakes in and around Harriman State Park.


This is the hull that was re-designed in 2011; it looks like a tandem Revolution with the front bow hatch.  It has dual steering controls and can be ridden solo from the front or rear seat.  The Mirage Drives are V2, in excellent shape, and are secured in the "Click & Go" locking mech vs. the weaker cam rotational mechs.  The scupper hole columns are thick and strong compared to pre-2011 hulls.  It came with a basic Lowrance FF wired thru-hull with the transducer glued inside (probably Lexel; it is on there tight!).  It worked a few months ago but I haven't tested it in a few years.


I upgraded the rudder with the sailing rudder, added a fairlead and rear pulley block for sailing, added 2 RAM ball mounts for the front seat, as well as two strap handles by the deck hatches to help maneuvering it.  I replaced the standard fins with the ST fins (square-tipped) which provide more power than the std fins but less strain on your joints than the ST Turbo fins.  It comes with just one paddle, but I will throw in a basic Hobie scupper cart (the one pictured next to the seats and drives), an aluminum Ram rocket launcher, and 2 slim pvc rod extenders.  It was missing a replacement rudder pin so I replaced the replacement :) .


There are no cracks or damage that would render the hull compromised in any fashion, especially near the drivewells and scupper holes.  When you pick it up you can test it out in the lake across from my front yard.  I will remove the green lake access tag before you take it home.


Asking $1500.  I will only leave this up until next Monday before listing elsewhere; I wanted to give SOL the first shot.  For those viewing this on your phone or non-desktop view, my zip code is 10579.  Thanks!





















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NYBRAID: I should be home this Sunday but not all day, and free in the late afternoons nect week. I can give you my cell to coordinate if you are serious about buying it. 

To everyone else: please post in this thread rather than PM me with offers, thank you. 

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This is what I have.  Picture of the FF.

I also replaced all of the rudder control/steering lines when I took possession of the kayak. 

I will sell it for $1400 with the pfds and can throw in one extra composite RAM rocket launcher for the front user. 


Looking at ebay and Craigslist (NY/NJ/CT), my Oasis post-2009 to whenever the new lawn seat models came out, is the best bargain you can find. 



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Your reply was to get a meet going, don't understand ???  

Have cash in hand and I wasn't haggling over the price,  thought I had first go at pending a meet up.....


What exactly did I miss here?

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NYBRAID, your request to meet up and check it out was different from Paspar's monetary offer.  I would direct you to the BST forum rules but the link is broken (it states you don't have access).  You may not have been haggling over price but you did not state that you'd take it at asking price either, whether or not you were satisfied upon seeing it first.

As a seller I am not obligated to sell to anyone except to the person who meets the conditions of the sale (typically saying "I'll take it"), but I also have the right to decide which order to sell if multiple requests that don't meet my terms come through.  Paspar made a discrete offer and then accepted my counter offer.

I am sorry for the appearance of slighting you, but I was simply following the forum rules.  Feel free to report my post to Passiton or Tim S. if you wish them to intervene, I don't mind at all.

If for some reason the transaction falls through with Paspar, please let me know if you wish to be second in line for the same terms.  Thank you.

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 it was good to meet you Steve, good luck with the big girl. I can't seem to find the lock feature though this post is officially closed. thanks SOL!

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