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Probably the same type of guys that steal tackle from their local tackle shops, a mortal sin in this tea kettle Catholic's* opinion.



*tea kettle Catholic: someone who only goes to church when is ass is in hot water

Never heard of this one.


Anyone who goes through the trouble of stealing a Bluefish deserves to keep it.

Fresh Bluefish = good fish dinner, Not so fresh Bluefish = SeaGull food. (note not a seagull fan)




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Back in the late 80s I had caught a big king salmon in the Salmon River.  While I was putting it on the stringer a guy asked if he could take a picture with it. I said no problem, so I put it on the rope and handed it to him. Turned back and went fishing. 


5 minutes later I had noticed the fish was gone lol, he walked off with it.  I was laughing about it because there were so many salmon in the river I could have caught 50 that day and this guy hijacks a fish. 

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I had someone steal a teen sized striper out of my truck maybe 15 or so years ago. I had it in a cut off bottom of a 55 gallon drum covered with a wet towel. After I caught it and the bite slowed, I changed spots and ran into a friend. He asked if I caught anything so I showed him the fish. He wasn't catching anything there so we moved again. After a fishless half hour or so we headed back to the trucks. He wanted to take a look at the fish again, it was gone. I believe someone saw me show him the fish at the other spot and either followed us or just saw our trucks on their way out but I'll never really know. I would think that an animal or birds would have made a bigger mess than a person.

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