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Flylining an anchovy is a good tough test of a conventional reel's casting proficiency.  That's a nice testimonial.  


I think Dennysnook does what he does mostly with spinning tackle. Denny, if you ever put in some mileage on a Siegler SM, we'd love a report.

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After a number of months I’ve received the replacement Silver Side Plate/PMR Mag this August (2018). Although the new Silver Side Plate is not an exact colour match to the silver palette of the original Reel Body it is a close enough colour match to not be an obvious visual/aesthetic irritation. Also, & more importantly, the locating “tongue” feature of newly received Silver unit also actually fits the Reel Body “Receiving Slot” correctly! (between H7/h6 & H7/k6 fit being a very snug precision fit with no discernable “free play” and no interference).

Neither the exact Silver colour palette matching (to the original Reel Body), nor the precision machining tolerancing of the Side Plate form, or “locating tongue” feature are within PMR’s control. However, I can’t help wondering if there could not be some better way of communicating these features during the PMR ordering process to minimise the risk to the end client (keep in mind the Black Side Plate/PMR unit I received did not fit the original reel I intended to fit it too correctly either, but I had 3 Black reels to work through to eventually get the best fit)

The engineering tolerancing of this newly received PMR Mag mechanism is far tighter (& better) than either the existing Black Side Plate/PMR Mag unit or the previous Cobalt Side Plate/PMR Mag unit I retuned. There is none of that “waggle” movement of the Threaded Stem at any point of the screw in/screw out adjustment, so there is no indication or ting-ting-ting sound of the lip edge of the magnet dragging against inside edge of the Spool’s concave lip edge. The Knob knurling is way less rough and less overall which could mean dialling the adjustment could be tricky with bait slimey fingers or in the wet.

I have no way (presently) of comparing the Gauss rating of the PMR Mags compared to the original Seigler Mag’s but the PMR mag/casting control is an enormously improvement. My son (12) can easily use either of the PMR-ed reels, casting a good distance (60+m) without fluff-ups using 5oz or 6oz + bait. (At his age 40yrs ago, I started out with a Penn Jigmaster 500 which rarely rewarded me with consistent good casts sans fluff-up, knotted snarl-up or a painfully burnt off thumb print.

All-in-all, provided;

  • PMR retains the high quality precision machining of the bespoke Mag mechanism, and

  • a correct fitting Side Plate Tongue could be somehow assured, and

  • you are “ok” with the possibility of a SLIGHT colour mis-match to your reel body,

I would suggest upgrading the original SM Mag to a bespoke PMR Mag, or better still, upgrading an SS Reel with a bespoke PMR Mag.



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I have 2 new SM and It takes quite a bit of force to disengage the Seigler SM with the short eccentric lever. None of my other reels have this problem and they all have longer levers. 

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